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Industrial Gases

Industrial gases

Industrial gases are manufactured to be used in a broad range of industries. Some of our clients use these gases for welding, cutting, steel-making, and metal works.

Industrial gases we offer

Our company offers a variety of gases and mixtures in our cylinders. These are made up of the principal gases which are: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Hydrogen, Helium and Acetylene. Industrial gases are usually sold to other industrial businesses, and comprise of large orders. At Specialist Team we sell in large and small quantities, we believe that every customer’s needs are important. We also understand the difficulties and costs involved in starting and growing a business; and for this reason we offer gas cylinder rental services for those of our clients who may not want to buy their own.

Need a cylinder or refill?

Contact us today to find out if we have the gas/mixture that you need, or for a quotation on our competitively priced gas cylinder rentals. Our team is always prepared to help or advise you.

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