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How to store LPG cylinders

How to store LPG cylinders

LPG cylinders can be stored both indoors and outdoors. It is important that your LPG cylinders are stored in a well ventilated area to avoid any unnecessary health and safety issues.

Guidelines for LPG cylinder storage

  • Keep the cylinder stored in an upright position so that the pressure relief valve is in direct communication with the vapour section of the cylinder.
  • LPG cylinders must be stored separately from cylinders containing other fuel gases or oil.
  • It is advisable to keep cylinders secured by chain or strap and away from walkways in order to prevent them being knocked over accidentally.
  • Valves of cylinders should always be firmly closed in order to prevent gas leakage.
  • Do not open a cylinder’s valve unless it is connected to equipment as there is always some gas remaining in it (even when you think that it’s empty).

Storage areas should be designed so that cylinders can be quickly and easily removed should there be any source of ignition. It also goes without saying that there should be no smoking in these storage areas.

Gas is a clean, convenient and portable source of energy. If you need any help, advice or maintenance work done just give us a shout, we’re glad to assist.

How to store LPG cylinders
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How to store LPG cylinders
How to store LPG cylinders safely both indoors and outdoors. Includes guidelines for storage.
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